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Ocular Emergencies & Emergency Eye Care in Victoria, BC

Many people are not aware that optometrists provide emergency eye care services, but in reality it is one of the most important types of eye exams and services that we offer. If you should experience unexpected discomfort or problems with your vision, seek help right away. Dr. Friedmann will determine the problem and provide treatment to address it.

Most of us are not aware of what types of symptoms represent a true emergency, but it is dangerous to ignore any changes in your eyesight, or to attribute them to some other cause. Delaying treatment in the hope that a condition will resolve itself could result in severe vision loss. If you should experience any of the following symptoms, call Dr. Friedmann right away.

Ocular Emergencies

Sudden Loss of Vision – A complete or partial loss of vision in one or both eyes could be caused by several eye diseases, including but not limited to retinal detachment, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. 

Flashes of Light – Typically taking the appearance of small lightning bolts flashes in your peripheral vision, light flashes can occur spontaneously or as the result of a physical trauma. Flashes of light could be a sign of a retinal detachment, in which case the time factor becomes very important. Consult an optometrist immediately.

Floating Spots – “Floaters” are often perceived by those afflicted as cobwebs or bugs moving across the eye. These spots move as the eye moves. Most of us experience floating spots occasionally, as they are a common condition that is caused by normal degeneration of the vitreous. However, if several floaters make a sudden appearance, especially in one eye, that vitreous – or worse, the retina – may be detaching. 

Double Vision – The sudden onset of double vision is an urgent and potentially dangerous symptom which should be evaluated right away by a trained optometrist. If you experience double vision, take a moment to determine whether it occurs binocularly (both eyes open) or monocularly (one eye open). Binocular double vision usually is an indication of a muscle condition, which may be attributable to diabetes or trauma. Monocular double vision is typically an indication of either complications of systemic disease or the presence of cataracts.

Eye Pain – Sharp pains in the eye can be related to a number of different ocular problems and should be evaluated promptly.

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